Sweet and Spicy grilled chicken

Choices are many but this is the recipe that my family loves to have it when the mood is to have something grilled. It is quite easy and simple which can be tried on all type of meats. I firmly believe that this grilled chicken recipe will become a favorite for many…




For years, I have always used a simple marinade which is quickly prepared for this dish . The Ingredients are mostly likely to be found in every household with an exception of BBQ Sauce which I suggest to buy while you are on your grocery shopping which strongly recommended from LULU Hypermarket Qurain where the variety of sauces and dressings is immense. 


Sweet and Spicy grilled chicken Print

Prep time

12 hours

Cook Time


Total Time

13 hours

  • Course : main
  • Servings : 4
  • Description : Sweet , Spicy and Smoky grilled chicken is a sure bet to impress any food lover .


    • Chicken whole legs 4 pieces
    • 2 tbsp greek style yoghurt (hung curd )
    • 2 tbsp tandoori paste
    • 1 tbsp sweet and spicy bbq sauce (Kraft )
    • 1 tsp lemon juice
    • 1 tsp garlic crushed
    • 1 tsp ginger
    • 1tbp olive oil
    • salt 



    1. Place the marinade ingredients in a bowl and mix well.
    2. Place the chicken whole legs in the marinade mix well with marinade, cover with cling film and refridgerate overnight.
    3. When ready to cook skewer the chicken and grill on a high heat until cooked and golden . Brush it with some more sweeet and spicy bbq sauce while it is still cooking. 
    4. Serve hot with green chatuney, barbequed onion and some greek kalamata olives.


A weekend, with a pleasant weather always encourages you to have the lunch on the open terrace which Sweet and Spicy Chicken would be a perfect choice. Marinated quickly at night and it took less than an hour to prepare the dish in the morning and here we go to have a sizzling dish on the eager mouthwatering faces.




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